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 Poems By Me:)

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Poems By Me:) Empty
PostSubject: Poems By Me:)   Poems By Me:) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 9:53 pm

A shame it is so quiet on this forum.... So i'll just throw in some stuff:)

Oh dragon, dear dragon.
Upon you is the worst kind of fate
You're set to guard
A treasure of hate

The kind of men
Stole from you in greed
How are you supposed to live?
And to feed?

The three of hope is dead
Along with those you lead
The tree will again blossom under your sight
The glory of dragons will again rise, ready to fight

The race of men will pay for their greed
Their filthy and cruel deed.

It is not actually a real poem. I just drew this drawing of a dragon lying over a dead tree. Around the tree theres a circle with the words "Hope and glory" The dragon is lying on that circle watching the tree. So i figures writing something around the dragon would fit. It actually messed up the drawing....

And now this love poem;)

Lonely I am
Lonely I feel
Lonely I'll live
Lonely I'll die

Alone I am
Alone I feel
Alone I'll live
Alone I'll die

Unhappy I am
Unhappy I feel
Unhappy I'll live
Unhappy I'll die

Away from you I am
Away from you I feel
Away from you I'll live
Away from you I'll die

Unless you give a sign
Unless you share the same
Unless you say the words

What is a friend?
Everyones talking about them.
They seem to like theese "friends".
How do they look?
They seem quite nice.
I sure want one of them.

And there are something called "girlfriends" and "boyfriends".
What are theese creatures?
They seem really cool!
Can I buy them anywhere?
Do they grow on trees?
I would like to have one of them "girlfriends".

Is it I that cannot see?
Or is it others that cannot see me?
I must be really miserable.
Since I am so alone.
Perhaps times will change.
But it better be quick!

I wrote this a time I was really depressed. Along with another one, but I think I'll just skip it here.
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Poems By Me:)
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