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 Card of the Week (Tarot)

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Card of the Week (Tarot) Empty
PostSubject: Card of the Week (Tarot)   Card of the Week (Tarot) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2007 11:45 am

Here I will pick one card every week, most likely every Monday, and I will write the card's name, and my interpretation of the card. You may tell me what you think about the card and you can write your interpretation on the card if you wish.
But do not complain here. Do you have something negative to say, please, send me a PM!

My card of this week (I write about it today, since I started tody) is Seven of Cups
Some kind of sorrow that has not yet been oversome. It motivates a flight into illusion. Maby make oneself think that they have a lot of possibilites, but is not to be overcome.
Live in a fantasyworld, far away from the real one, daydreaming. Loosing oneself.
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Card of the Week (Tarot)
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