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 Posting Guidelines

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PostSubject: Posting Guidelines   Posting Guidelines Icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2007 1:23 pm

How to post

The following is not allowed:
    Discussion of sex or related topics is okay in limited moderation, but nothing graphic - no detailed descriptions of just what you did last night or indecent pictures or “how-to” guides. This applies to links too.
    Discussion of violence/linking to sites with such material where the discussion gets graphical and/or images show content above a PG-rating. Discussing violence is allowed when kept to non-graphical level and not promiting violent and/or illegal activities.
    Cutting or any other form of self-mutilation is not open for discussion on Krakyl Forum. You can do so in moderation in the discussion areas, as long as you do not promote these actions/give details about your own situation.

While posting
    You are not allowed to DDP.
    DDP stands for Deliberate Double Posting. It means posting two posts after each other with no other member posting in between. Edit your first post with the edit button in the upper right corner of your post if you forgot to add something.
    You are not allowed to BUMP.
    Bump can either stand for “Bring Us More Please” or can be used to just “bump” a thread up the list by posting in it with a nonsense post just to get it on top of the list again. Neither of these is allowed.
    You are not allowed to use netspeak.
    Netspeak/internet shorthand is not allowed. No T4lKinG Li3k Diz.
    We encourage the use of proper spelling and grammar on our boards so we do ask our members to use the best grammar and spelling they can master. However, unless you clearly use bad grammar and spelling to provoke other members, you will (of course) not get in trouble for spelling errors.

Private Conversations
You may not have personal posts/chat/slow chat conversations on the forums. They are frowned upon here. If you want to make things personal, please do so by sending Owls or using chat/Instant Message programs like AIM and MSN messenger.

You are not allowed to SPAM. The definition of spamming can be difficult to explain but we go by the following:
    Do not post a post with less than 10 words in it, unless it would ruin a perfect statement. The few words you do use must be on topic and add something to the subject
    Do not post things that are completely irrelevant to the subject
    Do not make posts that contain more smilies than text
    Do not post with intent to annoy
    Do not go over the top with the amount of threads you make or replies that you post - it’s better to spend more time making good posts than to just post for the sake of posting or postcount.
    Other than that, the interpretation on if something is spam or not is left to the moderators and admins.

How to start a new thread
If you are starting a new topic, LURK to make sure there hasn’t been one on the same subject in the last month. Post your thread in the right forum. Look around to make sure you know the different forums and what goes where. No one wants to read a story that is posted in Music. If you decide to post it anyway, it will be closed or moved. Also, threads have titles and descriptions for a reason - so people know what they’re about. No one will read a thread called “hey read dis *laughs*”. Make the thread title so that people can see what it is about. No one likes to search for hours to find a thread because the name isn’t chosen logically.
Give enough information to start a thread with!
Don’t make threads like: “I think this book sucks." Give us your opinions! Say why you think that before you ask others to reply with their views.
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Posting Guidelines
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